General Information about Barebones 2003

At A Glance
  • Friday afternoon take some time off work and enjoy the Classic O race in detailed terrain on the new Moose Creek map 65km west of Calgary.

  • Friday evening pitch your tent at the group campsite in Bow Valley Provincial Park then take a short drive to the Mount Laurie map for the Night Sprint event. Showers are available close to the campsite.

  • Saturday morning take a short drive to the Barrier Lake map for The Setup, part one of the day’s two-part race. A short fast event with expected winning times of thirty minutes.

  • Saturday afternoon return to the group campsite for The Chase. This event uses a chasing start based on the morning results so that the first across the finish line is the winner of the two-event total-time Barebones Chase.

  • Saturday evening socialize at the ever-increasingly stupendous Barebones Potluck dinner at the group camp.

  • Sunday morning drive to the Canmore Nordic Centre for the Enduro – a long-distance event with an expected winning time of 3 hours. The course is designed to be fun and to challenge your versatility with a wide variety of navigational tools including orienteering maps, topo maps, sketch maps, and air photos. Visiting control sites is optional, but you score points for each control you do visit. An early start time and quick awards will get everyone homeward bound by mid afternoon.


At each Barebones event (except the Enduro) we offer 4 courses to suit every level of navigational ability and fitness.  Course 1 is technically the easiest and shortest course, and is suitable for young beginners.  Course 2 is longer and more technically difficult, and is suitable for experienced youngsters or for adult beginners.  Courses 3 and 4 are the most technically difficult, with Course 4 being the longer and more physical.

Beginners Welcome
If you’re just starting orienteering and want to hone your skills while thoroughly enjoying our wonderful countryside then the Barebones weekend is ideal for you. Take part in as many or as few events as you wish. Each event has courses to challenge all levels from beginner to advanced, and the emphasis (Olympicly) is not in the winning but in the taking part. Wear running clothes you don’t mind snagging (long pants essential), trail shoes you don’t mind muddying up, and bring a cheapo compass. Lots of events, lots of friendly ‘”experts” to help you out - the Barebones weekend is for you.

Potluck Dinner
7:00pm Saturday night at the group camp. We’ll supply Chili (regular and vegetarian) plus hotdogs and trimmings for everyone.  Please bring utensils, cups, drinks, and chairs. Contributions of salads and desserts gratefully accepted.

Prizes & Awards
All results will be posted on the web. And as usual for a laugh we’ll acquire a bunch of junk and distribute it to people who win the races in very short award presentations.


  •  Call 911

  • Closest hospital is in Canmore.

Child Care
For those that need it “community childcare” can be arranged at each event.


  • Whistles are mandatory (and can be purchased onsite).
  • All non-orienteering-club-members must sign a Waiver (or become members – and why not? It’s cheap)

Need more information??

By E-mail           Richard Obreiter:
By phone            (403) 295-8741; Richard Obreiter
By mail              112 Bermondsey Rise N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3K 1T9