General Information

At A Glance

  • Saturday afternoon, after all the airplanes have arrived from Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, enjoy the Classic O Cross Country race in detailed terrain very similar to what the Canadian Champs will be held on. The Miles Canyon map is just minutes from downtown Whitehorse.

  • Sunday is filled with short, fast races. In the morning, two Sprint races at Yukon College. In the afternoon a quick trip to Grey Mountain for a Short race with a chasing start based on both morning results.

  • Sunday evening socialize at the stupendous Barebones Feast at the group camp. Come prepared to take part in the self-entertainment that will follow.

  • Monday morning drive about an hour south to the Carcross Desert map. Here you can marvel at finding sand dunes in the strangest of places, or you can race in the O Cross - a mass start individual race with multiple loops and lots of forking. Following the races enjoy a bit of local sight seeing as you start the day and a half rest period before the Canadian Champs..


Beginners are Welcome
The Barebones weekend is ideal if you’re just starting orienteering. Each event has courses to challenge all levels from beginner to advanced, and the emphasis (Olympicly) is not in the winning but in the taking part. Wear running clothes you don’t mind snagging (long pants essential), trail shoes you don’t mind muddying up, and bring a cheapo compass. Lots of events, lots of friendly ‘”experts” to help you out - the Barebones weekend is for you.

Barebones Feast
7:00pm Sunday night at the group camp at Sundog Retreat. Menu to be confirmed by May 15, 2004 – based on buffet-style service, two entrees (meat and vegetarian choices), salads, breads & butter, dessert choices. Following the meal join in the entertainment provided by ... ourselves ... in the Barebones group poetry recital. Visit the Robert Service website to prepare.

Prizes & Awards
All results will be posted on the web. And for a laugh we’ll acquire a bunch of junk and give it to people who win the races in very short award presentations.


  •  Call 911

  • Whitehorse General Hospital
    5 Hospital Road (just west of the river, off Lewes Blvd)
    Phone: 393-8700

Child Care
For those that need it “community childcare” can be arranged at each event.


  • Whistles are mandatory (and can be purchased onsite).
  • All non-orienteering-club-members must sign a Waiver (or become members)

Need more information??

By E-mail           Richard Obreiter:
By phone            (403) 295-8741; Richard Obreiter
By mail              112 Bermondsey Rise N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3K 1T9