Barebones 2008
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Junior & Adult Training

To help novice and intermediate orienteers have a great experience, Barebones 2008 includes optional (and free) adult and a junior training sessions. Each day our club's most experienced coaches and athletes will teach and review relevant skills and techniques for the upcoming races.

Canmore Pre-Clinic

To encourage residents of Canmore and Banff to take advantage of Barebones taking place right on their doorstep, we are organizing a pre-clinic designed specifically to give novice and intermediate orienteers the skills and the confidence to successfully take part in the Barebones races. The clinic will focus especially on how to do well on the Canmore Nordic Centre map (for the two Saturday races in the Canmore Pursuit), but will also teach skills applicable to all of the other Barebones races.

Adult Training

The adult training program is focused on proper preparation for the upcoming events. Both sessions will consist of a 30-45 minute presentation followed by question & answers.

On Saturday evening course planners Kitty Jones & Marion Owen will talk about how to handle the technical challenges they have set for you on Sunday morning's race on the Mount Laurie map. These challenges include the complex contour detail and the great variety of forest and meadows.

On Sunday evening Mike Waddington, former national team member and Canadian Champion, and Patrick Goeres, Canada's lead-off runner in the 2008 World Champs relay, will team up to help you prepare for the Barebones relay that take place on Monday morning. They will  give reminders and tips about which navigation techniques will likely be most useful and help participants be ready to have great races the next day.

In addition to the two formal sessions, many experienced orienteers and coaches will be available for post-race discussions and analysis.

Junior Training

Junior Training activities include: making topo maps using play dough, making 3D models of a real map using, symbols bing-O night and we're including a High Ropes session as a Junior social activity. Juniors will enjoy plenty of opportunity to interact with coaches during breakfast and lunch.

The Junior Training program is being run by Karin Gerritsen, Orienteering Calgary's junior program coordinator. If you are interested in more information about the camp or about Orienteering Calgary's junior program, please check the Junior Development page on or contact Karin directly at