Barebones 2009


Click here for online registration. Please email Adrian (see "Contact Us") with any questions or comments on the online registration. This year we have switched to a new online registration service and we would appreciate any feedback.

Categories & Courses

Several categories are available, some age based and some 'skills' based, to suit every level of navigational ability and fitness. Each category will compete on a course of the appropriate technical and physical difficult as described below:

Age categories Course / Description
9 & under C1: Technically the easiest and shortest course. All controls on paths.
10-12 C2: Longer and somewhat more technically difficult - controls on large features close to paths.
13-14,15-16, 75 & over C3: Intermediate difficulty, short course. Controls on large features in the forest.
17-20, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65-74 C5: Technically difficult, medium-length course
21-34 C6: Technically difficult, physically hard.
Open categories Course / Description
C1: Technically easy, short course - controls on large features close to paths. Suitable for beginner adults looking for a mild introduction to orienteering.
Sport: Solo
& Sport: Team
C4: Intermediate difficulty, long course. Controls on large features in the forest. Suitable for fit, but inexperienced orienteers and for teams.

Alberta Champs

Three of the Barebones races have been designated at the Alberta Championship races. These races are the Friday Sprint, Saturday Long, and Sunday Middle. Alberta Champions will be recognized in all age categories.

Entry Fees & other expenses

The all inclusive price includes all your races and training, 2 nights accommodation, all meals, and even your SI card rental. It offers a small savings and convenience compared to the a la carte pricing. Not included is a supplement for those wishing to experience the High Ropes course (or other 'for a fee' activities) at the Rocky Mountain YMCA (visit the Accommodation & camp activities page for full details of the camp activities).

The a la carte pricing allows you to chose individual items if, for some crazy reason, you won't be taking part in the full weekend of activities.

Barebones 2009 Pricing Adults Juniors Kids
Age (as of Dec 31 2009)   11 - 20 3 - 10
All inclusive      
Races, training, meals, accommodation, SI rental.
Junior fee includes one 'for a fee' camp activity.
$255 $130 $95
Supplement (High ropes, climbing tower, horse rides) $20 $10 $10
A la Carte pricing      
Individual race entry (per race) $20 $10 $5
SI rental per event $2 $2 $2
SI rental for weekend $10 $10 $10
Accommodation & all meals (free for 2yrs old & under) $160 $80 $80
All meals package (no accommodation) $60 $30 $30
Dinners only (no accommodation) $25 $13 $13
'For a fee' camp activities (per activity) $20 $10 $10

June 1st: Early Registration Incentive

Register before June 1st and receive about 15% discount on the all-inclusive price.

August 21st: Procrastination Disincentive

Register after Aug 21st and pay extra! And as a special late-registration bonus you also will risk not being able to run in your chosen category if we don't have enough maps printed. So why bother registering today?

On the Day entry

There may be a very few on-the-day entries available. We can not guarantee availability, but if you want to take a chance, please visit the results area to see if there are any maps available. Adults pay $25/event, juniors pay $12/event, kids 9 & under pay $6/event for on-the-day registration (if we have enough extra maps printed).

Junior program: discounts for kids & coaches

Many clubs provide subsidies to juniors attending training camps. Check with your club's Junior Development coordinator. Adults are offered a $100 reimbursement for committing to be a junior coach on the Barebones weekend - contact FWOC Junior Program director Karin Gerritsen for details (you will still be able to run in all events).

Cancellation & Refunds

In the event you should cancel your entry, weíll refund 90% if the cancellation is received in writing before August 1st and 75% is received before Aug 24th. No refunds will be given after Aug 24 - sorry (itíll be spent by then).

Non-O-Club members

For insurance purposes you must be a member of a recognized provincial orienteering association (or national federation) to take part in Barebones. You can purchase an Alberta Orienteering membership online at www.orienteeringAlberta.ca (this also includes club membership in FWOC).


Teams of two or three are welcome and can compete in the Sport or Recreational categories. Teams pay one entry fee plus $5 for each additional map (one map per team member is recommended). Teams require just one SportIdent card (see "electronic punching" below). All team members must belong to a recognized provincial association (see "Non-O-Club members" section above).

Electronic Punching

All events use electronic timing. There is a small charge of $2/event to rent SportIdent cards if you donít have your own.

NOTE: Calgary JDP members can use the SI cards they use on Wednesday evenings - NO SI card rental required.


For parents who wish to shadow their children, please note that shadowing is free. Pay race entry fees only if you will be racing yourself.

Complainerís Fee

A complainerís fee of $25 is payable in advance by anyone who thinks they might be whining about the courses, the map, the terrain, the weather, or anything else that will make the organizers wish they'd never bothered organizing this event. Constructive commentary, as usual, is free and welcome.