Barebones 2010




Online registration is open

Competition Classes

Several competition classes are available, some age based and some 'skills & experience' based, to suit every level of navigational ability and fitness. Each class will compete on a course of the appropriate technical and physical difficult as described in the class description page.

Championship classes (E/A/B)
  • Competitors are divided into classes according to their gender and age. Women may compete in men's classes.
  • E, A, and B classes are available for both men & women as follows:
     -10A, -12A/B, -14A/B, -16A/B, -20A/B, 21E/B, 35A, 45A, 55A, 65A, 75A, 80A
  • WCOC medals are awarded only in the A and E classes
  • M/W21 classes: There is no A class for M/W21. The championship classes for M/W21 are M21E and W21E (E - elite)
  • Shadowing of juniors is not allowed in A classes
  • B classes are for those (under 35) who may prefer a course that is shorter and/or less technical than the corresponding A class.
  • Shadowing is allowed for 14 & under in B classes.
Open classes
  • Open classes are for individuals of any age and for family groups or teams (up to 3 people) that choose not to compete individually in a championship class.
  • The following open classes are available: TR1 - Beginner, TR2 - Beginner Plus, TR3 - Intermediate, TR4 - Advanced, TR5 - Expert, Adventure Runner. See the class description page for details.

Entry Fees & other expenses

The all inclusive price includes all six races, gondola ride and Peak-2-Peak ticket, Whistler mountain BBQ and even your SI card rental. It offers a small savings and convenience compared to the a la carte pricing.

The a la carte pricing allows you to chose individual items if, for some crazy reason, you won't be taking part in the full menu of activities.

Barebones 2010 Pricing Adults Juniors Kids Open
Age (as of Dec 31 2010) 21+ 11 - 20 3 - 10  
All inclusive        
All six races, Whistler gondola and Peak-2-Peak,
Whistler Mountain BBQ, SI rental
$190 $100 $60 $140
A la Carte pricing        
Lost Lake $25 $10 $5 $15
Whistler Village $25 $10 $5 $15
Brandywine $25 $10 $5 $15
Whistler Mountain (includes gondola & Peak-2-Peak) $55 $35 $20 $45
Whistler Mountain for spectators (gondola & Peak2Peak) $30 $25 $15 $30
Whistler Mountain BBQ $20 $15 $15 $20
Vancouver - Stanley Park $25 $10 $5 $15
Vancouver - UBC $25 $10 $5 $15
SI rental (per race) $2 $2 $2 $2

Important dates
Up to Feb 28th Early Registration On the Adult "All Inclusive" price, a 5% incentive to register early
After June 15th Late Registration Adult race fees increase $5/race
Junior race fees increase $3/race
Class selection is restricted (by number of maps printed)
Late registration for the BBQ may not be available.
July 1st Registration closed Online registration is closed.
On-the-day entry will be available in Open classes. A very limited number of entries *may be* available in A/E/B classes after this date.


On the Day entry


If you would like to bring someone to the Barebones events who will not do the orienteering, this is possible. All the venues are beautiful with lots of good hiking. They must buy the Gondola ticket if they wish to go to the Whistler Mountain event and the BBQ ticket if they want to have the meal. There is no charge for the other events.

Cancellation & Refunds

Cancellation & Refund policy can be viewed on the Online Registration pages


For insurance purposes all participants must be a member of a recognized provincial orienteering association or national orienteering federation to take part in Barebones.


Due to landowner requirements and insurance purposes, all participants will need to sign a waiver before they are allowed to participate. Here is a copy of the Waiver - you may download this waiver and have each person in your group sign their own copy, and then bring these pre-signed copies to the registration pickup..


Teams of two or three are welcome and can compete in the Open categories. Teams pay one entry fee plus $5 for each additional map (one map per team member is recommended). Teams require just one SportIdent card (see "electronic punching" below). All team members must hold valid membership.

Electronic Punching

All events use electronic timing. There is a small charge of $2/event to rent SportIdent cards if you donít have your own.


For parents who wish to shadow their children, please note that shadowing is free. Pay race entry fees only if you will be racing yourself. Shadowing is not allowed on the "A" classes. Note there is no 10-B class, 12-B is the youngest class with following allowed.

Complainerís Fee

A complainerís fee of $25 is payable in advance by anyone who thinks they might be whining about the courses, the map, the terrain, the weather, or anything else that will make the organizers wish they'd never bothered organizing this event. Constructive commentary, as usual, is free and welcome.