try orienteering

May 3, 2008, canmore nordic centre


"Try Orienteering" at the Canmore Nordic Centre, part of National Orienteering Week.

This free event will be a gentle introduction to orienteering racing. A short clinic will explain the basics of navigation using the orienteering map and simple racing strategies. A mass-start race will follow in the Canmore Nordic Centre trail system. The clinic and race course will be designed for first time and intermediate level orienteers. All fitness levels welcome. Individuals, teams, and family entries invited.


Nothing new yet. Last minute information will be posted here if necessary.

Event Schedule

Sat May 3rd
9:00am - 10:00am Day Lodge Introductory Clinic
10:30am Stadium Area Race start (mass start)
12:30pm   Course closing - you must return, even if you haven't finished the course. This is for safety reasons, and to allow the organizers to retrieve the controls from the forest.


Results will be available shortly after the event at


Click here to register online. There is no fee, but registration is important so that the organizers can print enough race maps for everyone and have enough materials for the clinic.

Categories & Courses

Short Course:

The short course will be suitable for families to enjoy and for nervous beginners. There will be lots of controls, mostly on path junctions and other easy-to-find features in the terrain. Most of the travel will be along trails. Total distance will be about 2-3km.

Long Course:

The long course will also have lots of controls, but some of the controls will be on features that are a bit harder to find. It will be possible to stay on trails for most of the race, though the winners will take full advantage of the many chances to short-cut through the forest. Total distance will be 6-8km. The fastest time is expected to be about 45 minutes.

Course Categories
Short Course


  • Family
  • Novice (Team)
  • Novice (Individual Male)
  • Novice (Individual Female)
Long Course


  • Open (Team, 2-3 members)
  • Open (Female Team, 2-3 members)
  • Open (Senior Team, 2-3 members, average age: 45+)
  • Open (individual Male)
  • Open (Individual Female)
  • Senior (Individual Male, 45+)
  • Senior (Individual Female, 45+)


Waivers & membership

You must sign a waiver to take part in this event. For all other events organized by FWOC you be a member of a Canadian provincial orienteering association or a national federation (for insurance purposes) in order to take part. Membership in the Alberta Orienteering Association (includes membership in FWOC) can be purchased at reasonable cost - visit .

Race Info

Super important information

First Aid and Emergency

What to wear


Maps will be in plastic bags to protect them during the race. The maps are yours to keep after the race.

Event details

Officials Adrian Zissos (email: adrian 'at'
Charlotte MacNaughton (email: charlotte 'at'
Map Canmore Nordic Centre (new in 2007)
Scale: 1:10,000 with 5m contours
Notes Part of National Orienteering Week
Entry fees Free event! Enjoy it - this doesn't happen often ;-)

Park at the Canmore Nordic Centre Day lodge. Start / Finish are in the stadium. The clinic will be held inside the Day Lodge.