This autumn be part of the seventh annual Barebones weekend and enjoy: five races in two and a half days, glorious fall colours, abundant ambience, a laid-back atmosphere, world-famous potluck dining, and (need we mention?) fabulous orienteering courses all with the usual promise of hardly any technical mistakes by the organizers. The races take place in a variety of breathtaking terrain on brilliant maps. Orienteers and adventure racers of all experience levels are invited to join in.



Sept 19

3:00 pm


Moose Creek


Sept 19

8:15 pm

Night O

Mt Laurie


Sept 20

10:00 am


Barrier Lake


Sept 20

3:00 pm


Bow Valley Provincial Park


Sept 20

7:00 pm

Pot Luck Dinner

Group campsite 


Sept 21

10:00 am


Canmore Nordic Centre

  • All event locations are pending permissions and other considerations.

Latest News

October 2, 2003
Survey results are up on the web.
Check out the fancy results & animation for the Classic. Keep checking back, we hope to have animation for all events that will allow you to draw your own route and compare with other orienteer's routes.

September 22 2003
The results are posted. Thanks everyone for taking part with the usual enthusiasm (and tolerance for those things that go wrong from time to time). It was a splendid weekend, with fabulous weather and great performances all around.

September 18 2003

Here is some very useful last minute information...

  • Directions to Classic event (Friday afternoon)

From Canada Olympic Park drive west 40km then turn onto Highway 68 (sign posted as Sibbald Creek Trail). From the turn-off, continue about 25km to the Sibbald View point. Be aware that there is about 10km of highway construction west of Calgary that will slow you down slightly - allow an extra few minutes.

  • Conditions on Thursday

Snow is thick on the ground at Moose Creek - ankle deep and melting fast, so bring lots of socks, gloves, touques, extra shoes...  
At Bow Valley, Barrier Lake, and Mt Laurie the snow is almost all gone - conditions will be normal.

  • Potluck dinner - change of location

Just in case the weather gets really cold, we've decided to hold the potluck dinner at the Exshaw community centre. To get to Exshaw from the Group Camp, turn left onto Highway 1X and drive to Highway 1A. Turn left and follow the signs to Exshaw (allow 15 minutes max).

  • Hunting Season

Hunting season has started. This is rarely a problem, but it is advised to wear bright colors when in the forest.

  • Garage Sale

Seebee is a small village just a few minutes from the group campsite, and it is in a wierd situation. The village is owned by TransAlta and TransAlta is closing the town next summer. This weekend the whole village is having a "moving-out" garage sale. So if you enjoy that sort of stuff and can spare a few minutes from orienteering why not make the short drive and get a couple of bargains.

So far, 108 people are registered.

September 17 2003

  • The Meet Information is available online. It contains lots of information about the events including control descriptions.
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company Inc. have joined as Sponsors of Barebones 2003. They are one of the largest manufacturers of 100% natural soaps and bath products - a very appropriate sponsorship for orienteers! Please stop by their store in Canmore and buy some of their products from anyone of their many retailers in Alberta. No prizes for guessing what the prize would be if there was a prize for guessing.
  • Over 100 orienteers registered! Thanks everyone - we looking forward to seeing you all.
  • The weather is scaring us, but the forecast isn't as bad as it might be.

September 15 2003
96 People registered so far (check out "Entry List" page). You can still register - contact Richard immediately.

August 2003
If you are going to only one forest event this year, make this the one.

Important dates:

  • September 12th, 2003    Registration deadline (limited entries available after this date)
  • August 15th, 2003          Early-bird registration closes.