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Attendees must make their travel arrangements through our WestJet Specialty Sales Team and quote the account number at the time of booking. Discounted rates are available for travel up to 3 days prior and 3 days after your event. For travel outside of these dates, we will offer the best available fare at the time of booking. Fares are not applicable to group travel. For groups of 10 or more travelling together, please contact us for fare information. WestJets preferred hotel partners are the Travelodge (1-866-860-0285), Ramada (1-866-511-2777) and Delta (1-866-674-8461). Should you require car rental, our preferred partner is Budget (1-888-310-8855). We are also pleased to welcome our newest partner, RBC Insurance, for your travel insurance needs (1-866-812-3935). WestJet serves the Canadian cities of Victoria, Comox, Vancouver, Abbotsford/Fraser Valley, Prince George, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, London, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Moncton, Halifax, Windsor, Montral, Charlottetown and St. Johns. WestJet also serves the 11 US Cities of Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, San Diego, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Maui and Honolulu. Please contact us at 1-888-493-7853 with any questions you have and thank you for choosing WestJet for your event. Sincerely, Specialty Sales WestJet  FILENAME \* MERGEFORMAT qc#3479-Bare Bones Championships-yeg-jun06-mf-mc      Specialty Sales Team 5055 - 11th Street N.E. Calgary AB T2E 8N4  WestJet Specialty Sales Team Telephone: 1 888 493 7853 or 444 2294 in Calgary Fax: 1 800 582 7072 or 444 2295 in Calgary Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7:00pm (Mountain Time) Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm (Mountain Time) +,-./9:;     D H I S ټɱ٫ٞɱّɱلɱ٫}q}jh^}5CJU h^}5CJjbh^}CJUjh^}CJUjvh^}CJU h^}CJhjCJmHnHujh^}CJUjh^}CJU h#CJ h^}CJhCJmHnHu h#CJjh#CJU h^}CJ +-.Ij  5 6 yzVYgds$a$gds$a$ *00]0^0`gd@k#@S T U Y Z l m w x y H { | # + K V һȰңȰҖȰҐ҃}wqgh^}B*CJph h#~CJ h^}CJ h^}0Jjh^}CJU hhLVCJj:h^}CJUjh^}CJUhjCJmHnHujNh^}CJUjh^}CJU h^}CJhj5CJmHnHujh^}5CJUjh^}5CJU(V g i jvxzVXY >?@ACDFGIJLPQRgſyky`Z hjCJhjCJmHnHujhjUmHnHuhjmHnHuh0jh0U h^}CJ hjCJ mHnHu hjCJ jhjCJ UhsCJOJQJ hsCJ hsCJhshICJaJhsCJaJ h4CJ h&CJ h^}CJh^}B*CJphh?.B*CJph#@BCEFHIKLOP ^` 9! 9!  !9!$a$$a$gds$a$gdsU h^}CJ h0 hjCJhjCJOJQJhj5CJOJQJhj5OJQJhjCJ OJQJhjhjUmHnHuhj hjCJ hjCJH*#U$a$$a$$a$ $^`a$ ,&P/ =!"#$% nbKgwK+PNG  IHDRTl]gAMA pHYs  ~IDATx_l׽"Yփv7w|k@buv7$$ aR% GV#%X(#?RԎC0M8Jxw8׮/W|L3;gfyw{~Ϫe`d4W(E#;!I ,A:3{ ʥZ d 3{_W%jok98:B\EY 5 (K}=u~)./rR!ke)}?r*sגI.IGpHp'xXmǺօO6Z}Ց3cXk!0 C?gi~_@,J a#|Ǐ]2N_OP%IruBe ѳم}?999ܝ_Le Cg^g/BDp\]/WWI SS97ѳ?0ͅEfso^zp:U/WCcKtINN,o:^`f#cIdPjb*;(e["Bj`uSCgA3/ruN%esίp8Q629W6΅yHP-z›]#jXYQbcCma+-CTP{[KPVm`]*y(KGΌ&߂kD7`&" qmp8{Ŭ7qFuw<@LHD{rTrr:~svBg~u ɝ0q_*ݖbшI5Yu^2]Ջr[طd>ζCT T+eib& nӖ;Y7/3A2|(`*s"Q{3ק/؆gwżAĨ3ƅ݂1Əuu$vUj0;nīi`/W$'54XRÚ`@DF*zX=s5yh$~Ҁ+:6KsX"H|[$RL;}S8N5slRĦ:n'ĢgD2_ZvcDm@<nMĚƽ;ֻypWՙaLi]wmfmyTJ5h]fv/3| qtpU+cHuGI04/ګTE<^=4`ɴU5(I9iU &x` q1]W9{(d&FԱ4gHR 8RânQ015-%-U;k_)h7qxŧ؈B_ @mt-?$Νm ΫX k"pEu 9Rհ5őrӅmb)ps &EPpr`( ԰Y 6new~վRvl6nyt`"zH "45ԡO%y8M*V!r_|{\Yp6։P˜N葉ܺ' 9gҳCl Et&[̀PC(a_*r8D & Ck~%OY_0G 2=;[Q~wi-eŎK(T 5Z^^6 /~DPF2 / y6Q̶)[O Bե6$R԰zTB 8yҸTvsW 4C83QF,9w[gZdDNoS٧#\Ǹ?v# 6*e BamQ p c!K5zʸjhyY7@Oo5 zWXxP8z5< ; U\]= =wwص:a[2꫄ ƙ؀1~p PsȤa^ 5?*a!zÃzk9te=jPKxTB7Aq-ЗM/~bf1Ǻگ|JsPQ4[o,2y1"a,C5}Vf`_a!΂VP!$ֿ~u\ڟgPK;S eA'PRoa{u Ua3Q@acԼAn^]1⾅JWALqGJXa$Yj^ ,D7-Ʀnwn2wn#f+RfԴ2n# D7-ƦHNL ^ ٕNa(e=,>A Ax>ޫϡmΝ\WC` -,_7>:66O$΂=}໑<* AdEP;'ظ]\; uO)v6g^PC` Aef1W%HZPϳs޹baM0'e (X4MQC`6W.gO,2`PTyEY̱]v7:BGld3lzd`ݙYJ܃鏫Y\ SVhx~z@ BXtCy)JA"Ŝ%P 8x@ (F"wC2t{VXg je`h\,3(  [ysM0ǂr+ "ˬ|o w~0FI*sjN&,IUcG=8/IENDB`vDText32vDText30vDText20vDText22vDText31vDText23vDText24vDText33DyK yK 0http://www.westjet.com/8@8 Normal_HmH sH tH L@L Heading 1$$@&a$5>*CJ,OJQJF@F Heading 2$$@&a$ CJ OJQJF@F Heading 3$$@&a$ CJOJQJJ@J Heading 4$$@&a$5CJ OJQJJ@J Heading 5$$@&a$5CJ$OJQJP@P Heading 6$8@&^8` CJOJQJ>@> Heading 7$$@&a$CJB@B Heading 8$$@&a$>*CJ> @> Heading 9 $$@&a$>*DA@D Default Paragraph FontViV  Table Normal :V 44 la (k(No List @B@@ Body Text$a$ CJOJQJ>>@> Title$a$5>*CJ,OJQJDP@D Body Text 2$a$ CJOJQJ4@"4 Header  !4 @24 Footer  !8Q@B8 Body Text 356@YR@  Document Map-D OJQJ^C@b^ Body Text Indent$v]va$CJOJQJtH u0U@q0 Hyperlink>*B* $-.Ij56yzVY@ B C E F H I K L O P # U 00000000000000000000000000000I00I00I00I00I006I00I006I00@0@0@0@0@0@0I00P@0X@0H@0@0@0@0@0I00I00T VY {00y00y00y00y00y00{00y000 iiBBBES V    +.: HTYlx{ > FFtFtFtFtFtFtFtXt  ,b$KgwK+j.$@ 0(  B S  ?" 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