Glenn Watson, 1973 - 2007

A Tribute

On July 17th 2007 Glenn Watson drowned in a canoeing accident on the Kananaskis River. He was 34 years old. Glenn was a member of our club and a recreational orienteer. Glenn never cared for the highly competitive side of orienteering and always advocated making orienteering events more fun for casual participants. Glenn's influence can be felt in the Barebones 2007 schedule which he played a significant role in creating. He and I spent many hours discussing ways to make orienteering events in general and Barebones in particular more fun for evereyone. It was Glenn's idea to have the 3-legged race, and his idea to have large breaks from orienteering so that people can enjoy other activities in the mountains. I hope all of us that knew him will spend a few moments reflecting upon his memory and his ideas during this year's Barebones.

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