Barebones 2007 is now over and on this page we will post messages about how things went and ideas for next year...

From the Organizers

From the Competitors

Dear Adrian and co, thanks so much for a great weekend at Barebones last week. It was fantastic to have my first orienteering event in such beautiful country with such beautiful folk. Great work with all the organisation. thanks to all! Tracy Leon (Nicki's friend from Western Australia)

Many, many thanks to Adrian, Charlotte and the whole Barebones team – you all did a fantastic job across the board, somehow without showing any distress. How do you do it??

Margaret and I had a terrific time at this years’ event, and the Y site is ideal for such a well-rounded O holiday. I must add that, after the infamous Moose Creek Barebones event some years ago, I swore I would never do another. However, you have converted me, and we are now looking forward to returning next year. Maybe we will even get another chance to (try to) find The Spur! All the best, Brian Ellis

It was an awesome weekend. Darya cannot stop talking about it. May take a month for my legs to forgive me. Thanks for putting it all together along with all the other volunteers. Magali

Maureen and I want to express how much we enjoyed this past weekend at barebones.

One of the first things I did when I got home was to finish drawing my routes on my maps and filing them in the binder given to me for the coaching part of the weekend.  I haven’t done that in many, many years.  I haven’t seen Maureen so excited about orienteering ever before either! She is already talking about barebones next year. You have hit on a winning formula for Canada.

Adrian, next time you give Charlotte the play by play of my progress at the cell phone control, speak louder [so I can hear where the control is], Ted

Thank you for the competition last Sunday. I enjoyed the experience of the Canadian forest, even if it wasn't a typical one. And it was funny to meet other Swiss girls there. Christine Stalder

Thanks for a really great weekend at the YMCA and area. The courses were fun and the venue terrific. Hope my grandson will come next year. Carol Hobbs DeRosa

Many thanks to the Barebones team for putting on such a marvelous event. I was looking forward to it for months and it surpassed expectations.

When asked if he liked it, Ewan said he wanted to go again next week!

Thanks again, Teresa

Adrian et al. I just wanted to thank you for a very fun weekend. Everything seemed very well organized and well run. The atmosphere was great! I also enjoyed the adult training sessions with Mary-Kat, and learned a thing or two.

My highlight was the night-O course, with the chasing start a close second. I look forward to next year, with the intent of bringing along my family.

Very well done! Trevor M. Uitvlugt