Barebones 2010 Whistler

july 9 - 12


Whistler is world-famous for its wonderful outdoor activities and its vibrant pedestrian-centered village. We are planning a series of events that will show off many of Whistler's wonders. Three events are within walking distance of all Whistler Village hotels, and we will provide bus transportation from the Event Center to the Brandywine event. We have planned great races, wonderful terrain, a lake-side social, and a mountain-top barbeque - and the events have been scheduled to provide lots of time for you to explore North America's favorite resort town.

Months before the orienteering begins, in February 2010 all the world will watch as Canada hosts the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games. Whistler will be the site for the alpine and Nordic skiing and also bobsled and luge, and Vancouver the site hockey, skating, curling and many other winter sports. The world will enjoy two weeks of fantastic competition in many exciting winter sports.

But when the snow is melted and the winter has gone Whistler & Vancouver are perhaps even more exciting places. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, sitting where the ocean meets the mountains. It has many big, wonderful, natural parks – and we have mapped all of them for orienteering. Whistler is a world-famous four season tourist resort. In the winter famous for its skiing, and in the summer full of activities including mountain biking, hiking, golf, canoeing, and now, orienteering!

We are planning a series of races in Whistler’s beautiful and exciting mountain terrain. We might even include a couple of races in Vancouver. We are in the early planning stages of this festival, but we understand that people would like an idea about what we are planning. One possible schedule would be:


DRAFT SCHEDULE - for example only!

Thursday July 8

Arrive Whistler

Friday July 9

A long-distance race in a challenging  and rugged parkland with dense trail network. Pasta dinner on the Lost Lake beach following the race.

Long | Whistler, Lost LakeSnippet - Lost Lake.gif

Google Earth Image

Saturday July 10

A special sprint in the complex pedestrian area of Whistler Village. Early starts to avoid the tourists - and so lots of free time after the race.

Sprint | Whistler VillageSnippet -WhistlerVillage.gif


Sunday July 11

Middle distance race on this marvelous map that will remind Scandinavian visitors of their rugged home terrain. Mandatory bus transportation from the Event Center.

Middle | Whistler, Brandywine (WRE)Snippet - Brandywine.gif

Click on image to see full map in RouteGadget

Google Earth Image

Monday July 12

Take the gondola from Whistler Village to orienteer in very special terrain. Mountain top BBQ for lunch, with Barebones awards ceremony. Lots of alpine hiking options for the afternoon.

Middle | Whistler Mountain    

Click here for more photos of the orienteering terrain

Google Earth image

Tuesday July 13          


A short long-distance race on a sprint-standard map, visiting the totem poles, the killer whales , Coal Creek, and many other fabulous spots in Vancouver’s iconic park.

Depart Whistler

Long | Vancouver, Stanley Park
Snippet - Stanley Park.gif

Totem poles in Stanley Park

Photo: p.m.graham


Western Canadian Orienteering Championships

Three of the Barebones 2010 Whistler events will be sanctioned as the Western Canadian Orienteering Championship (WCOC) events:

In addition, the Middle distance event will be an IOF World Ranking Event (pending sanctioning)

Notes and further information