JWOC Results

We're very proud of juniors representing Canada and America at the 2010 Junior World Championships in Denmark from July 4-10 who can't be at Barebones this year. You can follow the performance of the Canadian Juniors on the Canadian National Team blog (we recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed and get all posts emailed to you).

July 9 - Emily Kemp: 13th in Middle Distance Final

WOC Team

The senior Canadian Team has recently been announced. Barebones is happy to have four members of the National Team taking part, plus National Team coach. They will compete at the World Championships in Norway August 8-15. Taking part in Barebones: Patrick Goeres, Mike Smith, Magnus Johansson (Barebones relay course planner), Louise Oram (Whistler Village Sprint course planner), and Carol Ross (Brandywine Course planner).

Barebones Results

Barebones 5 Day Results   Final Standings    
July 9: Lost Lake Long WinSplits
WinSplits by Course
July 10: Whistler Village Sprint WinSplits RouteGadget  
July 11: Brandywine Middle (WRE) WinSplits RouteGadget  
July 12: Nester's Hill Relay Relay results OOrg Animation* (includes splits)  
July 13: Stanley Park Long Sprint WinSplits For now, no RouteGadget*  
July 14: UBC 1.5 X Sprint WinSplits RouteGadget  
O-Scores database Race result analysis    
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Any photos? If you've got good photos to share on the web - please contact adrian .at.


* Orienteering Organizer, provides split times and animations among other things. Please draw your routes. Apologies if we got your country flag wrong.

** No RouteGadget for the Stanley Park event. This is (I think) because we had to use so many "dummy" controls so that the old / small SI chips would not overflow with the 42 controls we had on the longest course. So our course planning and results softwares do not have the same courses. So - sorry about that