September 9, 2011

Barebones Bulletin

Almost final update about Barebones. There will be at least one more update to come.


For now, the most important thing is that you check the class we have you entered in for each event, and your SI number.

We will accept changes until Wednesday evening. After that we will charge $10/person for changes. So check now!!


Class assignments

   please check your class and SI number at Barebones 2011 entry list


Sprint Update

   The Sprint on Saturday afternoon has been moved to the Canmore Nordic Centre. 

   Scale will be 1:5,000 with 5m contours. Map geeks will be interested to hear that we will use an ISOM map (i.e. NOT Sprint standard) and that the symbols are drawn at 1:10,000 scale – most of you will simply be happy to know that the map will be really easy to read ;-)

   It is a forest map with an intricate trail network. It will have great "Sprint" feel – requiring many fast decisions, lots of turns and twists, and tons of fast (mostly downhill) running! It will be fabulous.


Dinner Update

   Saturday dinner will likely be held somewhere in Canmore. It will be a less formal affair than first planned. Once we have final details and pricing negotiated, we will also announce refund options.

   Before (or maybe after, depending on final timing) the dinner there will be a presentation by some of the Canadian HPP (High Performance Program) members about the 2011 World Champs in France. A great chance to catch up on some stories of Canada's fine performances.


Canada Cup race on Sunday

   Sunday's Long Distance race in Bow Valley Provincial Park will be a Canada Cup race. This means in particular that runners on the Elite courses (M21, M17, M35 and W21, W17, and W35) will score both individual points and club points in the Canada Cup Elite Series. In addition there is prize money for the top three finishers on these courses (I.e fastest man on the course, regardless of category will win $150, second fastest $75, and third fastest $40, and the same for the women). 

   For more information: Canada Cup information

   For current Canada Cup Elite Series: Current standings

FWOC in particular could do with scoring some more points (yikes!).


Parking on Sunday

   It is so exciting to have over 140 people entered in Barebones this year! But big registration numbers bring some problems. One big problem on Sunday will be parking. We have a very small parking area available. Please, please, please – car pool and make sure you have three or four or more people in the car. And you can expect to be double-parked. 

   But at the same time, you must respect the "Officials Parking" area, and especially you must not block any Officials' vehicle (they will be needed in case of emergency)

   Again – please car pool. If you cannot fit in the small parking spot at the group camp, you will have to park elsewhere in the park and walk or hitch a ride.


Start times

   we will (probably) assign start times for all events. However we will start everyone using a start punch – so if you don't like your assigned start time you are welcome to come earlier or later (just don't wait too long or we will have closed the start).

   In the Canada Cup race there will be an exception in the Elite courses (M21, M17, M35 and W21, W17, and W35) – runners will NOT use a start punch, but will be timed from their assigned start time. If you are late for your start, you will be started at the discretion of the Start Chief, but with no adjustment to your start time! (remember the wise words: "part of the race is getting to the start on time" ;-)


Orienteering Equipment for Sale

   The O-Store ( will be at Barebones with a selection of shoes, clothes, compasses, control description holders, and other gear. A great chance to kit yourself out See Jeff T. or Eric K.


Ride Sharing

    There are a number of out of towners coming and it would be great if we could offer them some assistance getting around. If you are interested in ride and / or accommodation sharing, please contact Jean – [email protected] . We will somehow attempt to match up people.