barebones 2012 news

Less than two days until the first race. Maps are printed. Sun dances are being danced. Sleep is being banked. Food is being bought. Stands are about to be sent out. And information is finally forthcoming…


Updated race info is on the Barebones myO page 05 26 Barebones.xml

The Schedule & Map parts are working great! We also have uploaded some start times, but the filtering is not yet working – if you try to filter or sort the start lists then your browser will probably hang.


Sprint race

The sprint race is a Canada Cup event. This means everyone will be assigned a start time. We will be flexible, and if you miss your start time you will be allocated another. Also if you want to start before your start time that will be possible, given there is a break in the start list. Runners on the Elite category will not be offered this luxury as they will be fighting for a place on the national team and so must race under very strict conditions

Long & Middle distance races

Start times are assigned for the runners on the Elite category. Everyone else will start when they like using the start punch. Simply go to the start area and wait for an opening in the start list.


Quick reminder that we encourage parents to shadow their young children.  Proper etiquette is that you run your race first and then shadow afterwards. For the sprint, with the remote start, shadowing will be awkward. We have scheduled one extra shuttle bus run at 10:45 to take kids and their shadows to the remote start. Obviously to catch this bus you will need to start your own race close to 10:00am.


Sometimes it can be quite surprising to see how many people there are working on organizing this year's Barebones. It is a great team of generous volunteers working to make this weekend maximum fun for everyone. Please be sure to say "thanks" to them (and especially if something goes wrong which is when we most need an encouraging word!).


Special Thanks to...


For late registrants, here is yesterday's information email…

A few notes, as I'm sure many of you are anxious to get the latest updates. There will be more to come


We have added a second training map

1. Rafter Six - expert/elite forest training

2. Banff Centre - sprint course, suitable for all ages

Maps will be available for pickup in Canmore at my house: 149A Rundle Cr from Thursday afternoon (or in Calgary Wednesday night). Or we can email you a PDF to print yourself. Remember, this is unsupported training.


For those who haven't yet signed the Barebones waiver (most everyone) you must sign the waiver form before you start your first race. It will only take a second. Jean will be collecting signatures at the start of the Sprint (at the Nordic Centre)


The Sprint race on Saturday morning is a Canada Cup event and so will have assigned start times. Elite-M category will also have assigned start times for Long & Middle as these are national team selection races. If you are NOT in the Elite-M category then you will be using a punching start for all races, which means effectively that you can start whenever you like - though you are guaranteed no-waiting-around at your assigned start time. Start lists will be published in the next day or two, as final category changes come in.


* Please check the category you are registered in at

* Then check the course lengths (paying particular attention to the Long course) at

* Then email Jean ([email protected]) if you want to change categories. We'll accept changes till Thursday – so be quick (we have to print maps)


The Sprint race finishes at Lion's Park in Canmore, at the corner of 15th Street & 10th Ave. This is where you should go! Then you will take a shuttle bus to the Nordic Centre where you will sign your waiver then run your race. Shuttles start at 9:00am and run approximately every 25 minutes. There is just one bus, so get on an early one!


Parking for the Middle distance race is at the Francis Cooke landfill access road, on the 1A Highway, approximately 3km south of the intersection with the 1X


We will send another email with course setters notes. Expect a wide variety of challenges and lots of different terrain types.


We're still looking for a bit of help - especially at the start of the Sprint. Please let me know if you can help.


Every year we forget something. This year it was prizes;-) Hopefully that's all we forgot.


Email Jean ([email protected]