try orienteering
permanent course grand opening

may 9, 2010 | Canmore Nordic center

"Try Orienteering" at the Canmore Nordic Centre during National Orienteering Week.

This event will be a gentle introduction to orienteering racing. A short clinic will explain the basics of navigation using the orienteering map and simple racing strategies. A mass-start race will follow in the Canmore Nordic Centre trail system. The clinic and race course will be designed for first time and intermediate level orienteers of all ages and fitness levels. Individuals, teams, and family entries invited.

This event is also the 2010 Grand Opening of the permanent orienteering courses which has been installed at the Nordic Center to give groups and individuals the opportunity to develop their navigation and map reading skills at their own convenience on a series of increasingly challenging orienteering courses.

This event is a "come and try it" event, it is open to all levels of ability, fitness, and orienteering experience. Race fees include post-event refreshments at the Nordic Center.

Latest News

Dec 15 Preliminary information

Event Schedule

Sunday May 9th 2010
10:00am - 10:45am Clinic Nordic Center Day Lodge
11:00am Kids race Nordic Center Stadium
11:30am Adults race Nordic Center Stadium
12:30pm Awards Nordic Center Day Lodge
1:30pm Course closing  



Click here to register online. Register online to avoid lineups and delays on the day. On the day registration will be subject to a $2 extra fee.

Entry fee is $10/person. Entry fee includes post-race refreshments.

Race Info

Super important SAFETY information

Kids Race

A free, fun run around the stadium area designed for kids under 10. Very simple orienteering, suitable for tots being led around by their parents. This course will also be available to adults before 11:00am so they can warm-up and practice the basic mechanics of orienteering. No pre-registration required.

Adults Race

A mass-start event on the Black permanent course. Everyone will start together at 11:00am. We expect very fast running times from the winners but even walkers will have plenty of time to complete the course.

What to wear


Maps will be in plastic bags to protect them during the race. The maps are yours to keep after the race.

Event details

Officials Adrian Zissos (email: adrian 'at'
Charlotte MacNaughton (email: charlotte 'at'
Map Canmore Nordic Centre (new in 2007)
Scale: 1:10,000 with 5m contours
Notes Part of National Orienteering Week
Entry fees $10/person - includes post-race refreshments. Kids race is free.

Park at the Canmore Nordic Centre Day lodge. Start / Finish are in the stadium. The clinic will be held inside the Day Lodge.


Courses & Categories

Black Course
(40 - 60 minutes)
Technically challenging. with lots of off-trail navigation
Sport - Solo
Sport - Team
Youth Plus (16 - 19)
Blue Course
(30 - 45 minutes)
Controls close to trails, short-cuts through the forest possible, more complex navigation
Junior (10 - 12)
Youth (13 - 15)
Venerable (60 & over)
Green Course
(30 - 45 minutes)
All on trails, with simple navigation and limited route choices
Super Juniors (9 & under)
Score Course
(45 minutes)
Variety of control sites. Visit as many as you like in any order.

New in 2010 - the Score course

First Aid and Emergency


Results are available at the Trail Sports website (click logo below). These results will be continuously updated as more people try the courses, so keep an eye out for new fastest times!

Trail Sports logo


Clinic - Introduction to Orienteering

Free clinic in the Day Lodge. No pre-registration required.

This clinic will cover the rules, the map, navigation, route selection, and safety. In addition, it will cover the logistics of the race, including the start, what to do when you arrive at a control, what to do at the finish, and proper use of the timing equipment. No previous orienteering experience necessary.

About the Permanent Courses

The Canmore Nordic Center in partnership with Trail Sports and the Foothills Wanderers Orienteering Club have installed a set of permanent orienteering courses.

There are two types of orienteering course at the Nordic Center: ‘point-to-point’ courses in which you visit all the check-points in the specified order, and a ‘score’ course where you visit as many check-points as you want in any order. The point-to-point courses are great for racing, while the score course is good for exploring at your own pace and developing basic navigation and map reading skills.

There are three point-to-point courses of increasing difficulty (Green, Blue, and Black) for runners, walkers and hikers. In addition there is a fourth course for mountain bikers. All courses are changed up mid-season – to give people new challenges and to take participants into different parts of the park. Timing is done using electronic chips, and fastest times are posted to the Trail Sports website.

New in 2010 is the Score course – points are earned for each check-point visited, and you choose how many of them to visit and in which order. Of course, competitive types will want to score maximum points by visiting all controls in the least amount of time.

The permanent courses will be available to individuals or groups to use at their convenience. For a small fee anyone will be able to get a map, a “how to” brochure, and a rental SI punch at Trail Sports.  At the end of their course, participants will get a print out of their splits, and their splits will be uploaded to the permanent course website. The Permanent Courses are expected to be popular with adventure racers, hiking groups, school groups, summer camp groups, scouts, cadets, and the casual park visitors too.