try orienteering
plus 5km trail run

June 22, 2011 | Canmore Nordic center

Enjoy the solstice with an orienteering run in the Canmore Nordic Centre.

This event will be a gentle introduction to orienteering racing. A free clinic will explain the basics of navigation using the orienteering map and simple racing strategies. A mass-start race will follow in the Canmore Nordic Centre trail system. The clinic and race course will be designed for first time and intermediate level orienteers of all ages and fitness levels. Individuals, teams, and family entries invited.

For those who prefer to follow a marked route through the forest there will be a 5km trail run, taking you on an ever-changing variety of trails. You will carry a map and will have a handful of orienteering controls to visit along the course.

For bikers there will also be a mountain bike option. We've teamed up with the Rundle Mountain Cycle Club. For more information visit the RMCC website.

This event also marks the 2011 Grand Opening of the permanent orienteering courses which has been installed at the Nordic Center to give groups and individuals the opportunity to develop their navigation and map reading skills at their own convenience on a series of increasingly challenging orienteering courses.

This event is a "come and try it" event, it is open to all levels of ability, fitness, and orienteering experience.

Event Schedule

Wednesday June 22nd 2011
6:00pm - 6:45m Clinic Bill Warren Training Centre
7:00pm Bike race start Nordic Center Stadium
7:02pm Running race start Nordic Center Stadium
8:00pm Awards Nordic Center Stadium
8:30pm Course closing  



Click here to register online.

Register online to avoid lineups and delays on the day. On the day registration will be subject to a $2 extra fee.

Entry fee is $10/person. Entry fee includes the clinic, race, post-race burger, and annual club membership (required for insurance),.

Race Info

Scatter Orienteering Race

A mass-start at 7:00pm. The distance depends upon your handicap and route - it will vary from 3km - 7km. We expect very fast running times from the winners but even walkers will have plenty of time to complete their course. Once the race starts you will be given a trail map with about 15 control points marked, located at trail junctions, bends, creek crossings, etc. The number of controls required is based upon a self-assessed handicap (see below).

Strategy is the key. You choose which control points to visit and in which order. You will have 60 minutes to visit as many control points as possible. Each control you visit scores you 10 points, but each minute you are late returning costs you 10 points. The person / team with the most points will be the winner - ties are decided by time.

If you can follow a trail map, like to try something new and are keen to go head to head against all race entrants, then the scatter event may be just the thing.

Class estimated 5km time & orienteering experience
(approx 7km)

under 25min plus some / lots of orienteering experience

(approx 5km)
over 25 min OR
under 25min with little / no orienteering experience
(approx 3km)
over 30min with little / no orienteering experience

5km Trail Run

For those who prefer, there will be a 5km trail run. The course will be marked with small orange flags and will take you on an ever-changing variety of trails giving you lots of enjoyable running. You will carry a map and will have a handful of orienteering controls to visit along the course.

What to wear


Maps will be in plastic bags to protect them during the race. The maps are yours to keep after the race.

Event details

Officials Adrian Zissos (email: adrian 'at'
Charlotte MacNaughton (email: charlotte 'at'
Map Canmore Nordic Centre (new in 2007)
Scale: 1:10,000 with 5m contours
Notes Part of National Orienteering Week
Entry fees $10/person - includes annual club membership. Kids race is free.

Park at the Canmore Nordic Centre Day lodge. Start / Finish are in the stadium. The clinic will be held inside the Day Lodge.

First Aid and Emergency

Super important SAFETY information


Results will be posted here following the event.

Clinic - Introduction to Orienteering

Free clinic in the Bill Warren Training Centre (which is the building just past Trail Sports). No pre-registration required.

This clinic will cover the rules, the map, navigation, route selection, and safety. In addition, it will cover the logistics of the race, including the start, what to do when you arrive at a control, what to do at the finish, and proper use of the timing equipment. No previous orienteering experience necessary.