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July 9 2010 - Start times updated

The online start lists are updated with changes submitted to July 8th. Some minor changes to those runners that submitted changes.

July 9 2010 - Parking & bus shuttle update

July 8 2010 - Whistler location map online

This map shows the location of the Whistler events, plus directions to Brandywine event. It also has warm-up map for the Village Sprint and Brandywine Middle distance race. Printed copies available at Registration.

July 8 2010 - Camping space available

There is now limited space in the group campsite at the Riverside campground. Either call Marion (403-874-5098) or turn up at the campground. Marion will be there later today. the reservation is in her name.

July 6 2010 - Start lists posted

See the Barebones 2010 "Home" page for list of all start times.

July 2 2010 - Draw prizes

Draw Prizes – Whistler businesses are providing a number a super draw prizes to promote their goods and services. These include:

June 30 2010 - Whistler Mountain Race - cancelled

Because of persistent snow on Whistler mountain the race has been cancelled on the mountain. In its place we will hold a relay in Whistler. The Mountain-top BBQ will go ahead as planned. Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds since the gondola & BBQ tickets have already been purchased. However we promise a trip up the mountain will be a fabulous use of the price of a ticket, and encourage everyone to take part in the Relay in the morning and then enjoy a trip up to the alpine in the afternoon, including a jaw-dropping trip between Whistler & Blackcomb mountain on the Peak2Peak.

June 30 2010 - Barebones Relay - new event on July 12th, Nester's Hill

Three-person relay, with no forking. Children 14-years old and under cannot compete in the relay. Instead there is a mass start race for them at 8:30am with courses that allow for lots of cheering. Fill in your  team list and submit to Registration desk before Sunday July 11th at noon. Full details on the "Race Info" page.

June 24 2010 - Race Info - UPDATED

The Race Info page has been updated with what we believe to be final information. Of course, everything is subject to last minute change. This will serve as "Bulletin 3" for the WRE event - and if you don't know what that means, don't worry about it ;-)

June 21 2010 - Update on the Whistler Mountain snow pack

The winter of 2009/2010 was remarkable not only for the Olympics being here in Whistler, but also for a record snowfall in the Coast Mountains. The spring of 2010 has also been unusual - unusually cool. So the snow pack on Whistler Mountain is unusually deep. You can see this on the Whistler/Blackcomb webcam, which covers part of the orienteering map. If the snow remains too deep for orienteering we will move the race to Nester's Hill, close to Whistler Village, in the morning and go up the gondola for the BBQ in the afternoon. The final decision will be announced July 7th.

June 16 2010 - Whistler Locals - special package

To make it easy for Whistler locals be part of Barebones we are holding a couple of pre-Barebones clinics. Plus we have a special "locals' package" that includes a friendly welcome at each race, a VIP "Whistler Locals" tent to gather, coaches to provide pre-race talks and tips, help with race procedures, and post race analysis. For full details visit

June 11 2010 - SI-Card requirements for lots of punches - UPDATED JUNE 19

We are currently exploring options for allowing the Stanley Park race to be run with any SI card. Previously we had announced SI-Card restrictions at this race due to the large number of controls. We are now examining the possibility of using "dummy" controls that look and behave as normal, but that don't write data onto the SI stick. We currently assume we will find a solution - so the previous warning about SportIdent card restrictions at Stanley Park is now removed.

June 11 2010 - Waivers available online

June 7 2010 - Registration dates

After June 15th - Prices increase, and limited entry availability comes into effect. Maps will be printed for those registered before June 15th. Only a few spare maps will be printed, and these will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

After July 1st - No online registration will be possible at all. On-the-day registration will be available in the Open classes only.

June 2 2010 - Child minding - CORRECTION

To assist parents & organizers with scheduling split start times, child minding will be available at the finish arena for the maximum duration of a race (3 hours). A string course and games will be set up at the child mending tent/station to amuse and challenge your young orienteers while you are competing.

Child minding is only available at the events in Whistler (NOT at Stanley Park or UBC events).

May 27 2010 - Food vendor at Lost Lake event

The Alpine Cafe (one of Charlotte's "Healthy Eating in Whistler" venues) runs the concession at Lost Lake beach immediately beside the Barebones finish arena. Our recommendation is to grab a home-made chicken burger following your race and hang out at the beach, enjoying the great mountain scenery.

May 27 2010 - Barebones named as "Top O-Travel Pick" by World of O website


May 12 2010 - Travel Guide available as Junior Fundraiser

The folk at Orienteering North America have compiled a travel guide for the entire four weeks of the NAOF festival. This includes driving directions, top sights to see, places to eat, and "locals' tips" about how to spend you free time. Great hints for how to get the most out of your visit to Whistler, and a great fund-raiser for the US and Canadian Juniors. Full details on the ONA website (scroll down the page).

April 26 2010 - Bus shuttle cancelled, parking now available for Brandywine

For the Brandywine middle distance event we have been given permission to park cars close to the Cal-Cheak campsite, on the Daisy Lake Forestry Service Road. This parking means that we no longer need the complex bus shuttle system that we had originally planed. Entry fees have been reduced accordingly, and anyone that registered while prices included bus transport will receive a refund when they pick up their event package.

March 14 2010 - More Whistler hotel partners

The Aava Whistler Hotel is offering rooms from $85/night. Full details on the accommodation page.

Feb 28 2010 - Olympic Closing Ceremonies

Now the warm-up event is over .... ;-)  We hope you enjoyed watching the Olympic Games. It was a wonderful event, and if you thought Whistler looked beautiful in the Winter, just wait until you see it in the summer time. We are looking forward to welcoming you the mountains in July for some great orienteering fun.

Feb 12 2010 - Early pricing during Olympic games

Today is the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. These Olympic Games are being held in Vancouver / Whistler and many of the Olympic venues will be used during Barebones 2010.

For the last two weeks cross-country skiers have been training at Lost Lake park – venue for the first Barebones race. Whistler Village, site of the second Barebones race, is filled up with press, officials, athletes, spectators. The alpine skiers have been doing their practice runs on Whistler Mountain, site of the fourth Barebones race and mountain-top barbeque. The Vancouver Athlete’s Village is close to Stanley Park, site of the fifth Barebones race. And tomorrow the Olympic  hockey tournament gets under way at the University of British Columbia, site of the sixth and final Barebones race.

As an Olympic Special, Barebones registration is now open and until the closing ceremonies are done, there is a small 5% discount on the price of an ‘all-inclusive’ entry.

Enjoy the watching the Olympics, and we look forward to welcoming you to Whistler / Vancouver in five short months from now.

Feb 7 2010 - Registration is now open

Visit our registration page to sign up for Barebones 2010.

Feb 4 2010 - Olympics skiers on Lost Lake orienteering map

Skiers from Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus and Austria have been training on the Lost Lake trails in preparation for the Olympic Winter Games that start next week. This map is the venue for the Barebones Long distance event.

Jan 10 2010

Preliminary accommodation information provided to help with planning.