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Whistler is world-famous for its wonderful outdoor activities and its vibrant pedestrian-centered village. We are planning a series of events that will show off many of Whistler's wonders, with races in the alpine on Whistler mountain, in the Village center, and in the surrounding forests. Three events are within walking distance of Whistler Village, and short 15 minute drive to the fourth. We have planned great races, wonderful terrain, a lake-side social, and a mountain-top barbeque - and the events have been scheduled to provide lots of time for you to explore North America's favorite resort town.


In addition we have two races in the majestic beauty of the world's newest Olympic City - Vancouver, BC - which will show-off one of the most wonderful parks in the world - Stanley Park - and one of the world's most scenic university campuses - UBC.

Barebones 2010 - Don't miss it!


Thank you to everyone for taking part in Barebones 2010. It was a delight to have so many people from all over the world competing in our event. We enjoyed hosting you and hope to see you at a future Barebones in the not very distant future.

All results are now posted on the results page. Please draw your routes in RouteGadget by following the links from the results page.

* July 18 - splits corrected for Day 1 (Lost Lake)


Have your say about future Barebones events - please take the Barebones survey.


That cool fold-out meet information packet? Here it is unfolded.



This is the group that put on the event, listing their main responsibility though everyone pitched in all over the place as was most helpful.

Event Director Adrian Zissos GVOC / FWOC
Registration Chief Jeremy Gordon GVOC
Finance Chief Alison Price GVOC
Technical Chief Magnus Johansson GVOC
Planner: Lost Lake Dan Coombs GVOC
Planner: Whistler Village Louise Oram GVOC
Planner: Brandywine Carol Ross GVOC / Falcons
Planner: Nester's Hill & Whistler Mtn Magnus Johansson GVOC
Planner: Stanley Park Meghan Rance GVOC
Planner: UBC Jeremy Gordon GVOC
Controller: Lost Lake, Stanley Park John Rance GVOC
Controller: Whistler Village, Brandywine Alex Kerr GVOC
Controller: Whistler Mtn, Nester's Hill Adrian Zissos GVOC / FWOC
Controller: UBC Brian Ellis GVOC
IOF Event Advisor: Brandywine Jan R. Lien Norway
Technical Team Thomas Nipen GVOC
Technical Team Andy Reddin GVOC
Technical Team Martin Pardoe GVOC
Timing Chief Mike Rascher GVOC
Timing Barry McCashin EOOC
Timing Nicki Jarvis FWOC
Timing Russell Porter GVOC
Timing Jockey Wilson GVOC
Timing Leigh Baily VicO
Refreshments Hilary Anderson GVOC
Site Ted & Mo de St Croix GVOC
Site Christoph & Beatrice Rufenacht GVOC
Site Lennart Lundgren FWOC
Site Bruce & Robyn Rennie GVOC
Site Gar Fisher GVOC
Site Alan Vyse Sage
Start Chief Karen LaChance GVOC
Start Andree Powers FWOC
Start Sheena van Dyck FWOC
Start Kathrin Mueller GVOC
Start Marion Owen FWOC
Start Chuck Spalding GVOC
Whistler Locals & Media Charlotte MacNaughton FWOC
Registration Pat Pugh GVOC
Safety Chief Christin Lundgren FWOC
First Aid George Pugh & Bruce Inglis GVOC
Awards Andrea Balakova GVOC
Certificate design Emily Ross Falcons
Merchandise Jean MacNaughton FWOC
Event pocket guide Chris Piller VicO (?)
Web Adrian Zissos GVOC / FWOC
Meeting house, equipment Margo MacTaggart & Chris Oram GVOC
Baby sitting Molly Jarvis & MJ van Dyk FWOC
String Course Theresa Winn FWOC

Start lists / who's coming

Here is a list of Who's coming that you can sort by country/class/club/name and so on.

Changes to class / SI number / other information

If you want to change your class or SI number then visit the registration desk. There will be a $10 fee. If you need to change other information - such as spelling of your name - there will be no fee.


Thursday July 8 Whistler
4:00pm - 8:00pm Aava Hotel Package pickup
Friday July 9 Whistler
1:30pm Lost Lake Package pickup
3:00pm Lost Lake Long distance
Saturday July 10 Whistler
8:00am  Whistler Village Sprint
Sunday July 11 Whistler
9:00am Brandywine Falls Middle distance (WRE)
Monday July 12 Whistler
8:30am Nester's Hill Relay
1:00pm Whistler Mountain BBQ at the Roundhouse
Tuesday July 13 Vancouver
1:00pm Stanley Park Long/Sprint fusion
Wednesday July 14 Vancouver
9:00am UBC 1.5 X Sprint

Promo Video

This video, we hope, gives you a taste of running on Whistler Mountain (site of the 2010 Olympic alpine ski events). Music is by The Arrogant Worms - one of the many terrific Canadian things.


Q. What is the cute animal in the video (not the one wearing red)?
A. It is a marmot. Trivia: The whistling cry of the marmot is what gave the town of Whistler its name.

Q, Can you provide more information about hotel "deals" in Whistler?
A. We have negotiated some small discounts with a few hotels. Details are on the Accommodation page.

Q. What is the best way to drive from Kamloops to Whistler - through Lillooet or via Vancouver?
A. Highway 99 through Lillooet is a quiet and scenic drive and is a bit shorter. The final part of the trip is through a very narrow canyon and the road is narrow and twisty. For some this makes it the more appealing route, for others the driving is simpler on the larger and busier highways that go through Vancouver.

Q. How much money does the club make from hosting this event?
A. The costs of hosting orienteering events is actually quite high, even if you don't include the costs of making the maps. Based on the estimates in the event budget, if we have 200 participants the club will break even, covering all of the non-mapping costs. In order to cover all the event costs plus the costs of making and updating the maps we must have almost 300 participants take part. In other words the club doesn't make much at all - but we do benefit from a legacy of trained officials and new maps and a raised profile for the sport - and of course the volunteers are all planning to have a lot of fun.


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